I visited a salon on a Saturday recently and the owner told me that half of his stylists were on a rostered day off that day. He said that all his stylists get two Saturdays off a month and in return that they all work three late nights every week instead.

He explained that some of his staff have children and Saturdays were important for families and that even the ones that didn’t have children also really valued having some Saturdays off which gave them a long weekend.


I think that this is an example of how you always need to be open to reassessing what you currently do, and perhaps have always done, because maybe there is a better way.

Perhaps it’s a good idea to completely reimagine your business, to forget everything you know about the industry and reimagine what it could be like by asking yourself; “If we were starting out from scratch today what would that look like?”

Just because something has always been done a certain way, doesn’t mean that it’s the best way or the only way to do it. And with the challenges that salons everywhere experience attracting and keeping staff and the changing demands for more flexible work from employees you can’t rule anything out.

I’m not saying that it’s the right thing to do, or that it’s the best thing to do, but it’s certainly worth looking at the impact that it would have on your business.

I wonder…

I wonder what it does for his profitability?

I wonder what it does for his staff morale?

I wonder what it does for his staff retention?

I wonder what it does to his client retention?

So ask yourself “If you were starting out from scratch today what would that look like? Reimagine your business.”

4 responses to “Reimagine your business”

  1. Leigharne says:

    Hi Anthony
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and advice.
    love it!


  2. That’s a great thought I will do it
    I work alone doing hair and I sell art,antiques
    I am in the area that has gone to the wayside and not much traffic . Maybe you could give me some pointers and I’m also a aging hair stylist that keeps up and I also noticed people think if you’re older you can’t do cool hair ? Check me out on Facebook and Instagram and my website

    • Thanks for the comments Patricia. Of course you can do cool hair if your older, age has got nothing to do with it. The fact that you are selling art and antiques is a way of reimagining your business, I hope it’s working for you. The fact that there is not much traffic is a problem if you are reliant on walk-ins, you really need to focus on being a destination salon and getting your existing clients recommending their friends and family etc… I know it’s easier said than done.

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