I think that the ability to rebook clients before they walk out the door of the salon is one of the most underrated skills of being a great hairdresser.

When hairdressers don’t rebook their clients, I will usually get loads of excuses ranging from, “My clients won’t rebook because they are too busy” to “If I rebook all my clients, then new clients can’t get in.”

Look, I understand that for some business models, for example, budget salons, some barbershops or salons that rely on tourists, that rebooking may not be the best thing to do. But for most salons rebooking is a sure way to increase the productivity of the salon and the income of the hairdressers who work there.

Here are my 5 steps to improving your rebooking percentage.

1. Don’t ask them “Would you like to rebook?”

“Would you like to rebook?” is the kiss of death, so don’t ask that question as more often than not the answer will be ‘No’.

So what should you say…

2. Give them a reason to rebook!

For example, “Your colour will need doing in 6 weeks, I get booked a long way ahead so I suggest that you book your next appointment now that way you will get the day and time that is most convenient for you.”

3. Tell them you would like to see them again!

It’s like going on a date, where at the end of the evening you might say something like, “Hey I really enjoyed tonight I’d love to see you again, do you fancy dinner and a movie one night next week?

Tell the client that you enjoyed seeing them and that you would love to see them again. Don’t leave them wondering!

4. Be like a doctor…

When you visit the doctor or dentist, he or she will often end the consultation by saying, “I need to see you again in 6 weeks.” And so you dutifully go straight to reception and say “The doctor needs to see me again in 6 weeks.”

5. Be organised and efficient

Have a fast and easy system at the front desk that allows people to quickly make their next appointment.

In my book ‘GROW 1 Super Stylist’ there is a chapter on rebooking if you haven’t got it you can get it here.

GROW 1 Options

Thank you for watching…

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5 responses to “My 5 Steps to Rebooking”

  1. Nat says:

    Very clever advise there Antony – not necessarily obvious.

  2. Lynn Glaze says:

    Always fun to hear your prospective and tips!!
    In our software “MasterPeace live
    if the guests consultation says they want to Pre-book before leaving it prompts the front desk on the check out screen !!
    Works like magic.
    Thanks again for all you do.!!

  3. Linton Husbands says:

    Hi Antony,
    Perfect timing – we have just today put together an education event on this very subject, and the video will be a great support to the delivery of the key messages.
    As usual, thanks for your insight.

  4. Finished grow 1 , have started implementing some ideas from it, already feel my team are motivated, thank you Antony

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