We all have beliefs about a whole range of things in life. It’s our beliefs that make us who we are. Our beliefs give us a point of reference about the world we live in and allow us to make decisions accordingly.

Unfortunately, sometimes those beliefs have a use-by date and we don’t recognise it. It’s a case of, ‘what was right before is not necessarily right today’. But sometimes we become so entrenched in our point of view that we have lost all objectivity about it, and our beliefs no longer serve us.

You are allowed to change your mind

You will often see politicians have one set of beliefs before the election, and then when they win the election in the months after those beliefs change!

The media usually jumps all over them about their apparent ‘U turn’ and the politician squirms and try’s to worm their way out of it and what follows is a battle of words as they try and backtrack and twist the meaning and justify why when all they should say is, “Ive changed my mind!” At least that sounds more honest.

Is that belief still relevant?

Sometimes you need to ask yourself, “Is this belief still relevant, or do I need to re-think it and potentially change?”

Changing your stance on something isn’t necessarily a weakness. I view it as a strength to be able to say that, “Based on what I now know, I have changed my mind” or “Based on the way the world is evolving I have evaluated my position on something.”

Mobile phones…

Here’s an example; “What is your current thoughts, or policy on mobile phones in the salon?”

I used to be very firm about the belief that the staff were under no circumstances allowed to have their mobile phone on them whilst they were on the salon floor.

Now, whether you or I like it or not, the world is constantly changing, and with the changes in social media and how we market our businesses I suggest that if I still had salons, and still had that belief, that I would be missing out on all the marketing opportunities that exist with encouraging my team to promote their work to their online audience.

Will that change in beliefs and policy create challenges in other areas? Definitely!

But if you want to stay relevant you need to be prepared to re-evaluate why you believe what you believe and be prepared to change your mind and evolve with the times. Because, as I said, that’s not a weakness, it’s a strength!

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One response to ““I’ve changed my mind””

  1. Paul Hawes says:

    Yes , We have done the same with piercing’s and tattoo’s as it proved almost impossible to recruit and police there after, also client’s find it more acceptable and to some more interesting. Which leads me to one of my preaches to my staff which is, Boring people attract boring people and if you want to be interesting be interested !

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