“Do you follow through on the decisions you make?”

If you are like most people the answer will be “not always”.

At different times we all make big decisions to change the things in our professional or personal life. There are things we are going to ‘start doing’, and things we are going to ‘stop doing’.

In a hairdressing sense we often have goals to increase our average bill, or increase retail, re-bookings or the amount of colour clients we have.

Perhaps you go on a seminar, or read a book, or maybe have an appraisal and you make a decision that you are going to change…

But do you follow through?

You see, it’s easy to make the decision to change, but following through with those decisions is the real challenge that sorts out the wannabes from the real thing.

It’s not about the big decision…

It’s easy to make the big decision, but succeeding is about all the little decisions that you make all day and every day, that's what really matters.

Let me use an analogy. It’s easy to say, “I am going to lose 10 pounds!” That’s ‘the big decision’.

Now, for the little decisions that will happen all day, decisions like, are you going to have that glass of white wine or not? Are you going to walk up the stairs or take the escalator? Are you going to have a latte or a green tea? Are you going to have the salad or the burger? Are you going to walk or drive? Are you going to go to yoga or the pub? Are you going to have the chocolate cake or eat an apple instead?

Whether or not you reach the goal to lose ’10 pounds’ will be determined by all those little decisions that you face constantly during the day one after the other…

Hairdressing goals are the same…

It’s the little decisions and actions that will determine your success…

Are you going to explain what styling product you are using and why?

Are you going to show them how to apply it and when?

Are you going to offer them the opportunity to take it home?

Are you going to ask them for referrals?

Are you going to give them a card with your name on?

Are you going to tell them when they need to come back?

Are you going to tell them to rebook?

Are you going to offer them suggestions during the consultations?

Are you going to set weekly goals for yourself?

Are you going to continue to learn and grow?

It’s all those little decisions all day with every client that will determine your results.

Sit down with your team and brainstorm:

How can we support each other in reaching our goals?

How can we set better goals?

How can we help each other stay committed long after the excitement of making the commitment has worn off? 

Thank you for watching…

Share this with people on your team or hairdressing community that you know will benefit from it.

And if you need more help I suggest that you read Grow 1 Super Stylist.

Have a great week! 

One response to “It’s the little things that make the difference.”

  1. Julia M Provost says:

    you need the map before you enter the forest! determining your future self and resolving to follow through is vital to creating the results you want.

    great video Antony!

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