But it’s much harder to suggest positive way to fix it!

When I had my own salons, sometimes there was a tendency during staff meetings for the team to spend all their time telling me what was wrong, what wasn’t working in the salon and effectively give me yet another problem to solve.

Eventually, I made a rule in the weekly team meetings that was: “You can bring your problems and criticisms and say what’s not working in the salon but only on the condition that you also suggest a possible solution. If you can’t bring a positive possible solution then keep your criticism to yourself.” In other words we had a policy of ‘no problems without at least one possible solution’.

As a result what happened was that even if their suggested solution wasn’t adopted at least they were being encouraged to take some ownership of the problem and look for positive ways to deal with it.

No more heckling…

So now, instead of the team heckling from the sidelines, I was encouraging them to take some ownership and to adopt ‘solution orientated thinking’.

Try it with your team. It’s easy to see what’s wrong, but it’s much harder to suggest positive ways to fix it!

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