It’s all about the ‘set-up’…

Every business needs someone in the role of manager, and as a manager of people there will inevitably be problems. In the hair and beauty industry [an industry that is very much a people business] perhaps those challenges will be even more amplified.

Often when salon managers talk to me about the ‘day to day’ challenges they might be having with their team members, I ask them, “How did you set it up at the beginning?”

The reason I ask that question is that more often than not that is where the problem started.

If things are set up properly…

at the beginning you avoid many of the problems that will eventually rear their head over time.

If people don’t have a benchmark by which to reference their own actions and behaviours against then they will inevitably do one of three things.

First, they will do what is best or easiest for them.

In my experience ‘what is best and easiest’ for them, isn’t always what is best and easiest for the business, the clients or the rest of the team.

Second, they will use their common sense…

and make a judgment call as to what they think they should do. This is like tossing a coin because you don’t know which way it’s going to go. Some people have a lot of common sense… but others, well lets just say that ‘common sense’ isn’t necessarily all that common.

Third, they will do whatever they have done in the past.

Meaning whatever they have done at a previous job or whatever personal standards they have as a result of how they were bought up.

Where they worked before might have trained them well, and maybe the way they were bought up will serve them well in a work situation meaning that they will make the right decisions about whatever it is.

But just as easily, maybe where they worked before had low standards, and maybe they didn’t have the ideal family upbringing, and so what their reference was for appropriate behaviours and actions isn’t appropriate in your salon situation.   

So set it up at the beginning!

As a salon owner or manager you need to define your culture, you need to define the, “This is how we do it here” scenario, for whatever it is.

That isn’t always fun or easy, and it’s a job that’s never really finished. It’s all those practical things like, Job descriptions, Policy and Procedures manuals, Staff appraisals, One to ones, Team meetings and proper induction processes on day one.

If you need help with these things I suggest that you read my books ‘Grow 2 Management’ and ‘Grow 3 Team’. Or if 1-1 coaching interests you then email me at and we can arrange a complimentary 15 minute call to see how that might work for you.

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