Do you make the effort to ‘wow’ people?

I got my haircut last week, when I walked into the salon I asked the receptionist, “How long before I can get a haircut?”  He answered, “What do you want done?”

I’m in client mode…

Now what you have to remember is that I am in ‘client mode’, make it easy for me! I’ve asked, “How long before I can get a haircut?” I’m standing at the front desk, it’s not a consultation, surely the answer to the question is telling me ‘a time’ that I can get a haircut?

Fortunately, someone else came over and eventually I was booked in for a haircut the following day. I’m easily pleased but I am wanting someone who knows what they are doing, someone with an opinion and confidence in their ability to give me suggestions, surely that isn’t too much for a client to ask?

It could have been so much better…

The marketing of the salon was good, the concept was good, the coffee was good, the decor and energy in the salon was totally on point and I got a good haircut… but the entire experience could have been so much better!

I totally had to tell him what to do, he was obviously experienced and good at what he did but he wouldn’t make suggestions or recommendations, even when I asked him about a product they sold and whether he thought it would be good on my hair he answered “I don’t know, I’ve never used it!”

He swore several times in the conversation, he talked over the top of me to other stylists, he screamed out to someone else to turn the music up! He registered high on the ‘cool’ scale, but as a commercially successful stylist, he made no attempt to rebook me or even suggest when it would need doing again let alone try to recommend a product that I would have bought if he had bothered to.

It doesn’t matter what city or country…

Why do we do this as an industry? It doesn’t matter what city or country I’m in, but the opportunities that exist everywhere for salons or barbershops to lift their game is enormous.

If they would offer a better level of professionalism, a better level of service and client experience with well trained people that realise that they are in the service industry and that they have the opportunity with almost every client to turn them into raving fans that will willingly part with their money in return for people who go the extra mile, what a difference that would make to their business.

Seriously, it’s just not that hard!

I think that the things in my book ‘GROW 1 Super Stylist’ are mostly common sense but it would be revolutionary to many of the salons that I frequent. You can get a copy of it from my website Why not get a copy for each of your team members, if they only implement a fraction of the ideas in it, it could dramatically improve the owner’s business, the client’s experience and the stylist’s income and job satisfaction.

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