We’re in the people business…

We are in the hairdressing business, the beauty business, the service business, ultimately it’s the people business and as owners and managers one of the things that we have to do is make sure that we constantly aim to innovate and raise standards and consistency in every area from the technical side of what we do right through to the service delivery side of what we do.


Inevitably getting that consistency isn’t easy so in order to achieve consistency it’s a mixture of first of all defining what best practice or standards are, then developing the systems needed to train people to deliver to those standards consistently, whether it’s how refreshments are presented to clients, how consultations are done, or how a colour is applied.

The challenge is that for a whole range of reasons people won’t always deliver the client experience consistently and that’s where ‘managing people’ effectively is essential. When people get it wrong or are ‘off message’ so to speak they need to know about it, and that needn’t be a negative experience.


I firmly believe that providing feedback is the most cost-effective strategy for improving performance and increasing client satisfaction.

I’ll say that again because that’s the important bit of this video; ‘I firmly believe that providing feedback is the most cost-effective strategy you can implement for improving performance and increasing client satisfaction.’

It doesn’t cost you anything, it can be done quickly, and it can turn people around fast and raise standards and client experience across the board.

Be receptive…

So as a manager you have to make sure that the way you give your team members feedback is appropriate, not humiliating or disempowering, and just as important if you are the team member getting the feedback, recognise that it is not a personal attack, it’s a professional observation about what you need to do to get even better, so be receptive to feedback, it’s not a negative, it’s about growth, so take it on board and implement the changes needed as soon as you can because it’s in everyones interest.

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