If you are an owner or manager, you probably have systems, and vision statements, and job descriptions and policy manuals… and that’s just the beginning of what’s needed to create structure, to build a team and grow a business.

And while all those things are not only important but essential to building a business, sometimes we forget about some of the most simple ways to get the best out of our people.

An example of that is what is perhaps the most under-utilised management strategy, and that is good old fashioned ‘encouragement!’

That’s right, ‘ENCOURAGEMENT’.

Just the word on its own, ‘encouragement’ is uplifting, it’s positive, happy and full of possibility and potential. 

If you are a manager of people there are many things that you ‘can do’, and ‘need to do’, to get the best out of your people. 

But sometimes it’s the human element, the nurturing of the human spirit and ambition through ‘encouraging’ those on your team to become the best version of themselves possible that makes the real difference.

Show them that you believe in them, encourage them to grow, encourage them to dream, encourage them to have goals and encourage them to take risks.

That’s what real leaders do, they encourage the individuals on their team to believe in themselves, to believe in a better future and take steps to make it happen

So what can you do, and what can you say to ‘encourage’ those on your team to become the best version of themselves possible.

I believe in you, you’ve got this… and what’s more, I encourage you to share this on your social media

Thank you for watching…

Have a great week! 

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