“Is it still working?”

It doesn’t matter what the ‘it’ in question is. Whether it’s the way you do consultations, the way you recruit new team members or the way you market your business. The question is, “Is it still working?”

Because, sometimes the easy option is to, ‘keep doing what you’re doing just because it’s what you’ve always done’.  

But what worked ‘then’, maybe isn’t working anymore. And if that’s the case you need to question whether ‘it’s’ still serving you in the same way that it once did.

And if the answer is “NO!” Then that acceptance is the first step to changing what you do and therefore changing the outcome.

But it first starts by asking yourself the question and then giving yourself an honest answer. Not blaming, not justifying and not making excuses. Just an acceptance, that ‘it’s not working anymore!’

I once read that the first step to getting a ‘break through’ is having a ‘break with’. I take that as meaning that if you’re looking for a ‘breakthrough’, that you first need to have a ‘break with’ the way you are currently thinking or doing things. 

Once you’ve acknowledged that ‘it’s not working’ and that you need to change something, then you are already moving forward.

The next step is to brainstorm, either by yourself, or with your partner, or your team, ‘what might be some alternatives ways of achieving the outcome you want?’

Now, you are no longer stuck, you’re moving in the right direction. Keep going!

You’ve got this!

Thank you for watching…

Have a great week!

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