Sometimes before I present a seminar in a new city I make a bogus phone call to a random selection of dog groomers in the city.

I tell them I have a medium size dog and ask what will it cost to have him washed and clipped. There isn’t usually a lot of variation in price.

Then in the same city, with my seminar audience, I ask them what the average cost of a ladies haircut and finish is in their salon.

Would it surprise you to find that usually the average price for the dog grooming is more than the average price for a ladies haircut and finish in the same city?


Have I gone mad?

Are you seriously saying that clients will spend more on their dogs haircut than they will on their own?

I value my dog but that’s a crazy situation.

My dog stinks…

He really does, we live near a farm and he loves a good role in the mess whatever it is. Last week Melinda asked me to get some dog shampoo in the supermarket so while I’m in there I compared the prices of dog shampoo against human shampoo.

Would it surprise you to know that the cheapest dog shampoo was £5 and the cheapest human shampoo was £1 or 5 times the price of the cheapest human shampoo!

I love my dog but I bet you can guess what he’s being washed with.

What’s the underlying message here?

I talk to salon owners everywhere and frequently price comes up as a problem, they say they can’t put their prices up because people won’t pay it, or they can’t sell professional haircare products because the clients say it’s too expensive.

Is that really the problem, or are you part of the problem?

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3 responses to “I value my dog, but…”

  1. Dean Daws says:

    The video is not working.

    You ask if people won’t pay or are we the problem?

    What’s the answer?

    • Hi Dean, thanks for the feedback. Not sure why you had a problem with the video, it seems to work fine when I tested? What’s the answer? Well, there isn’t a single answer but in general terms, I think that ‘sometimes some of us’ are our own worst enemy and we assume that clients won’t pay for a quality service… This is further complicated by the fact that there are too many salons! And because of that they try and compete on price and thus it becomes a race to the bottom!

  2. Shelley R. Schmidt says:

    This is a FANTASTIC message! Thank you for sharing!

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