Do you have a morning huddle?

When you play or watch team sports, you will usually see at the beginning of the game and every time they resume play after an interlude, a ‘huddle’ a short meeting of the team to refocus and recommit to the game.

In a salon, it’s also good practice to hold a daily morning ‘huddle’, so that everyone on the team is informed and on the same page for the day ahead.

The purpose of daily ‘huddle’ is to re-focus everyone on their personal and salon goals for the day.

If having a daily huddle is new to you and your team it will probably feel a little clumsy at first, but once they become part of a consistent daily routine you won’t know what you did without them.

Here are my 6 tips to keep your morning ‘Huddle’ on track and productive.

1. Keep it short!

It needn’t be long, in fact, I know many salons where it is usually just a maximum 5-minute meeting and it sure gets everyone refocused and recommitted to the day ahead.

2. Make it a stand-up meeting!

If everyone is standing up they are more focused and more likely to be attentive. It’s not a staff meeting, there is no coffee and croissants! It’s purposefully short sharp and to the point!

3. Recap the day before!

Recap and acknowledge results and good performance from the previous day.

4. Goals for the day! 

Make everyone aware of the goals for the day. Remember goals are numbers, ‘facts not feelings’.

So what is the goal for the day? It might be something like client count, retail sales, rebooking percentages or total sales etc

5. Housekeeping!

Don’t get bogged down in trivia, but update the team on things like, ‘if there are any staff absent for the day or if there is any product shortage’ etc

6. Keep it Positive!

The huddle is short, sharp and to the point. Keep it light and breezy, this isn’t a full-blown staff meeting or a target meeting.

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  1. Lynn Glaze says:

    Always love listening to you!!

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