The phrase “Our team is our greatest asset” may very well win the award for the most popular business cliché. But it’s true, ‘Your people are your greatest asset.’

Salons with a skilled and committed team will not only survive but will continually grow, but it is not enough to just rely on short term strategies that just pump people up temporarily, to really succeed you need to keep your team engaged.

So, how engaged is your team?

I’m not talking about high fives or employee of the month. I’m talking about a real sense of belonging. I’m talking about ‘your people smiling on their way into work, not just on their way out.’

So, how committed, focused, in tune with, understood, bonded, listened to, valued, communicated with, trusted, consulted, worked with and respected do your team feel?

Successful salon businesses really engage…

with their team, which benefits the business both commercially and in terms of good team relations, increased loyalty and increased productivity.

I think there are 5 keys that are fundamental to having an engaged team:

At number 1 it’s the importance of…

1. Shared Vision.

Salon Owners must be clear about the vision and the objectives they have for the salon. Then they need to explain to the team what their vision for the business is and explain what needs to happen in order for it to get there, and why it is important that it does so.

If your team don’t understand and buy into the vision for the business you will never make it happen. Building a successful business is a team sport. If you are the owner or manager one of your roles is about leadership and creating a vision that inspires others to want to be part of it.

At number 2 it’s understanding that…

2. Your team need to continually grow.

Ideally each team member should have his or her own personal development plan, which is aligning their individual needs and ambitions with the needs and ambition of the business, now and looking into the future.

Salons that take this approach achieve the benefits of not only helping to further an employee’s career but are also moulding them to have the skills the salon will need in the future.

At number 3 it’s recognising that…

3. Your team need to be managed.

Successfully managing people to bring out the best in them is a much needed skill in business. It is not enough to simply be ‘the boss’. With the title comes the responsibility of nurturing and managing people to fully engage with their job and reach their full potential.

So don’t be afraid to manage people.

The 4th key to having an engaged team is understanding that …

4. Your team need to contribute.

Managers need to listen to their employees. Your team must feel that ‘their views are heard’ and that ideas move up as well as down the chain of command.

The people on your team need to feel that they can make a difference and that they have something to contribute.

And the 5th and final key as an owner or manager to getting a more engaged team is your own level of

5. Integrity, the importance of doing what you say.

It’s not enough to verbalise values of team-work, honesty, professionalism, fair play, pride, commitment etc. As a manager you have to live it in all your daily actions. As the old adage goes, “Actions speak louder than words.”

One of the biggest challengers I frequently hear from salon owners everywhere is that they can’t find or keep quality staff. Having a team of individuals fully engaged in their jobs not only increases loyalty, productivity and commitment but serves as a magnet to attract like minded individuals to want to join your team.

Fully engaged employees are not just happier individuals but are also more efficient and effective workers and that benefits both the salons bottom line as well as the individuals income.

As a business invests the time and money in training and engaging with the team, profits will increase. Finding ways to engage employees is a win; win for everyone. So what actions will you do this week to engage with your team?

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