Question: How do you spell CONSULTATION?

Answer: O-P-P-O-R-T-U-N-I-T-Y

…and all too often, it’s a missed opportunity!

Why do so many hairdressers skip the consultation…

and miss out on the opportunity to make the client 100% happy? 

Why are they seemingly content to miss out on…

The opportunity to understand what the client’s frustrations are

The opportunity to educate the client about options for colour, texture & styling aids to take home

The opportunity to identify ways to make the client happy

The opportunity to explore all the possibilities

The opportunity to inspire the client with ideas

The opportunity to create

The opportunity to fulfil the clients needs

The opportunity to build a clientele

The opportunity to earn more

The opportunity to learn

The opportunity to grow

The opportunity to really shine!

When you visit the doctor, do they consult with you? Of course they do… What about the architect, the builder, photographer or graphic designer?

Isn’t a consultation the first thing they do in order to understand your needs and frustrations before they recommend a course of action and appropriate next steps?

Why do they do that?

They do it because they are trying to identify and explore all the possibilities so they can best serve you by being in a position to be at their best. That’s what a thorough consultation does, ‘it allows you to be at your best’, to maximize your knowledge and your passion for hair and to then give the client the benefit of your considerable skills.

Here’s my 7 steps to a good consultation…

The first step is…

  1. 1. Start by sitting the client down at a styling station, NOT standing up at reception area and talk to them face to face [not through the mirror]


  1. 2. Ask them relevant open ended questions, what they have liked in the past, what they haven’t liked and why? Ask them what their frustrations are? Ask them ‘if they have anything in mind for today or do they want you to make some suggestions’… Be sincere, be curious, and be caring…

The third step is to…

  1. 3. Listen… REALLY LISTEN! Not listening is one of the biggest complaints that unhappy clients have about their stylist.

At number four…

  1. 4. Look… I read somewhere recently, ‘we look with our eyes but we see with our imagination’. So look for the possibilities, look at the face shape, be aware of their age, of the body, their height, their sense of style, the colours they wear, be aware of their skin tone, their makeup, hair texture, growth patterns and hairlines…

The fifth step is to…

  1. 5. Think! [don’t miss this bit out] it’s underrated! Seriously, sometimes you need to think about it for a bit. There’s a difference between ‘not knowing what you are doing’ and needing a couple of minutes to think about the best solution. It might even be appropriate to say to the client something like, “Let me get you shampooed and I’ll think about what the best option is”

The sixth step is to

  1. 6. Discuss options, suggest possibilities, inspire and educate them with your knowledge… and then, listen some more.

And the seventh step is to

  1. 7. Decide together, recap what you are going to do and reassure them it’ll look great!

If you haven’t already got it I suggest you read my book ‘GROW 1 Super Stylist’ you can get it at there is more in there about consultations.

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4 responses to “How do you spell CONSULTATION?”

  1. alletha says:

    Wow! Just what the doctor ordered…..needed to hear this….such a great reminder! Who doesn’t love OPPORTUNITY?? Our Guests do too….so offer them OPPORTUNITY to get what they want as well…two-fold….win-win! Excellent! Thank you Antony!!!

  2. Pamela lee says:

    Thank you for this e mail. I love it. I will read again the grow 1 and make my habbit.

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