I heard a great quote the other day;

“Education is not a pail to be filled, but a fire to be lit.”

It made me think about the education that sometimes exists in our industry.

Because sometimes the education is just a curriculum that has to be covered, and boxes that have to be ticked to get a license.

In other words “It’s the pail being filled”.

And other times, in our industry the educator, and the content being explored and the mindset or attitude of those attending is “The fire to be lit”.

Education like that, ignites the passion, and creativity and ambition of those on the receiving end of it.

I know you need both types. But I often hear a line or phrase like that and it reminds me what it is we are really trying to do.

So, if you are an educator, whether it’s about creative education or technical or business education. Ask yourself, “How can you make your message ignite the passion in your audience, in order so that when they leave, that they are not just more informed, but more inspired to take it the next level?”

And when you are on the receiving end of education, ask yourself; “What is the attitude you need to show up with in life, so that you are most open and receptive to growing from the experience?”

With the right message, and the right attitude it gives an idea the chance to flourish. 

Thank you for watching…

Have a great week! 

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