Getting your clients to do your marketing for you…

Last month my daughters suggested we went for brunch at their new favourite restaurant find on Instagram.

The restaurant was called Dalloway Terrace and for the time and day we wanted to get in it was fully booked weeks ahead so I figured that it must be good. And it was.

I am sure that like you, I am used to seeing people photographing their food and posting images straight to social media, but I am not used to seeing literally everyone in the restaurant doing it!

And to be honest, seeing people photographing everything in front of them often annoys me, because sometimes I feel they are missing the moment because they are so busy capturing the moment. But that’s just me.

The people who run Dalloway Terrace are absolute masters at getting the clients doing the marketing for them. Think about that statement for a second, ‘Their clients are doing their marketing for them!’.

The clients of the restaurant are telling and recommending to their friends and families and followers the restaurant that they are at… And effectively it’s not costing the restaurant anything.

And what’s more, the fact that it’s their followers and friends that they are telling means that they are people ‘like them’! Which is the exact target market the restaurant wants more of!

Create a visual feast…

Dalloway Terrace isn’t a restaurant that you would stumble across, it’s very much a ‘destination’ restaurant, you have to know about it. But their approach to creating a visual feast everywhere you look means that you can’t help but get your phone out for a sneaky selfie or to capture a vignette of a table setting, or the presentation of the food or beverages because quite simply everything looks so damn good!

That sort of attention to detail doesn’t happen by chance. I’m sure that they invest a lot of time and money into design and into developing ideas and the systems to implement them.

And then they train their people to a high standard to deliver them consistently… And it pays off big time!

So the questions I want to leave you with are…

What can you do to get your clients to do your marketing for you? And,

What can you do to make your salon, your team and the products and services you offer more Instagram-able?

Check out Dalloway Terrace on Instagram for a lesson in attention to detail  and while you are at it check out The Coral Room …See, I’m doing their marketing for them! #ComplimentaryCocktails

Thank you for watching…

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  1. Damon Lau says:

    Great video and bang on what’s happening right now . Thankyou for sharing your ideas 👍🏽

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