Finish Strong!

Only three weeks until Christmas! And for most salons, this is the busiest time of the year…

Some businesses have had a good year. Others maybe haven’t fared so well.

But … there are still three weeks to go, so capitalize on every opportunity to finish strong, not just financially but personally and emotionally…finish strong in every way. 

So, here are my 12 top tips that you might benefit from…

  1. Start your day with a 10 minute stand up team meeting every morning before the first client. Use that 10 minutes to address any of the day’s issues, but also acknowledge a different member of your team every day in front of their colleagues.
  2. Look out for those that “fall through the gaps”. Christmas is not always fun for everyone. For some people, it’s often filled with past memories, family problems, and often finances and relationships are under a lot of pressure. Remember not everyone has family to go to. So, scoop up those that might otherwise be alone.
  3. Look after your team that little bit extra this month. Maybe buy some morning snacks for the team. And if it’s possible, give them a couple of hours off to do some of their own Christmas shopping.
  4. See if you can reward a team member every day with a small gift. For example, a copy of my book GROW 1, or maybe a bottle of Champagne, a movie voucher, or a gift certificate for a massage or manicure. Look for ways to link the rewards directly to productivity in a key area, for example, the highest retail figures, or the highest percentage of clients that have colour.
  5. During the day, recognize and reward every achievement, sometimes with just a smile or kind word of acknowledgement.
  6. Avoid alcohol with your team and clients… it’s usually more trouble than it’s worth. Give them mince pies non-alcoholic punch instead.
  7. What charity can you support this Christmas? It’s good for clients and staff to remember it’s about giving as well as getting.
  8. Let’s be honest, if someone gave me a bottle of shampoo as a Christmas gift, I would probably throw it at them, but what about a Blow-dryer, tongs, irons, travel bags, hair accessories. They can all be great gifts.
  9. Offer clients a gift wrapping and card service free of charge.
  10. Don’t wait until you run out of product, there is nothing worse than not being able to take someone’s money because you can’t supply what they want.
  11. A big percentage of your team is in all likelihood young, single and sociable. Have a pep talk with them about professionalism, punctuality and absenteeism; it just might make the difference when they get offered another drink at 1 am the night before a full column of clients.
  12. Look after yourself and your loved ones, give them the gift of your time, take time to reflect and capture the special moments, and reflect on the lessons learnt.

‘Finish Strong’ is more than a statement…it’s an attitude. It’s an attitude of believing you can do something, and it’s having the courage and determination to see it through.

Have a great week!


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