‘Encouragement’ what a great word that is…

Sometimes you hear or see something, it might be an expression or even just a word or an image that you might have seen or heard 100 times before, but all of a sudden it jumps out at you as something really important, that maybe you had overlooked or perhaps haven’t done enough of before.


I was reading an interview the other day with musician Will.i.am and he was talking about his life growing up in a poor neighbourhood in L.A and he said, “The one thing I knew I was good at was rap and dance and my older brother Carl encouraged me. It made me realise that encouragement goes a long way.”


As soon as I read that, I was like ‘yeah that’s so important’. Expressing the belief you have in someone and the impact that is has on them when you encourage them is something that you can never underestimate.

Offering encouragement is such a positive, humane, generous thing to do, to encourage someone, to believe in them and encourage them to grow and become what they are capable of.

Why not make that your challenge for the week, to encourage others! “Go on you can do it, I believe in you”.

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