Recently I drove a friend of mine to hospital. When we arrived the first thing I noticed was a sign at reception that said “This hospital is owned and managed by the consultants and staff that work here”.

My friend was only there as a day patient and when I picked her up later that evening one of the first things she said to me was, “This place is amazing, the service is incredible!”

When I asked her what was so good about the service she paused and said, “I don’t suppose you would call it ‘service’, it was more just how much they cared, everyone was so kind and genuinely caring.”

Own it!

The staff at this hospital are a tight-knit professional team and they totally ‘owned it’. The ‘ownership’ was not just a financial thing but manifested itself in the level of genuine care that was displayed by everyone she came into contact with from the receptionist and porters to the surgeon and anaesthetist.

Care more…

It got me thinking, “What is it that turns service into care”, and how can you get your team to care more?

  • What is the attitude that demonstrates ‘care’ as opposed to service?
  • What are the actions and behaviours that demonstrate ‘care’ as opposed to service?
  • What is the training that your team needs to deliver it?
  • What are the systems you need to put in place to ensure it happens consistently

2 responses to “Do you really care?”

  1. Char says:

    Thank you for that, I recall managing a salon and I walkied in and nobody cared, it really bothered me as not only a manager but as a stylist. It took a lot of hard work and encouragement to just see a spark light again in stylists eyes. Thank you for discussing the small but huge things that make a successful salon.

    Your awesome

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