Do you have courage?

Years ago I had the privilege of having dinner with the late Toni Mascolo one of the brothers and founding partners of the Toni & Guy success story.

I asked Toni a question that I often ask people who are succeeding at whatever it is they do. The question was, “If you could put the success of Toni & Guy down to just one thing, what would it be?” His answer was “Courage”.

I must admit that “Courage” wasn’t what I was expecting him to say. I thought maybe he would say, “…the great shows that his brother Anthony and his wife Pat and the rest of the Toni and Guy team were doing”. Or, “the amazing photographs that Anthony and Pat and the rest of the Toni and Guy team were producing.”

At the time maybe I was even a little disappointed with his answer. But the more I think of it “Courage” was the perfect answer.

It took courage for Toni and his brother Guy to open their first salon before they were even 20 years old. It took courage to relocate it from the south London suburbs to the West End of London. It took courage to franchise the brand, it took courage to take the many risks and investments that they inevitably took along the way from developing their own products to branching out globally with salons and academies all over the world.

And so it is with your success.

If you own a salon it took courage to take your first step and sign on the dotted line and open your first salon. It took courage ‘for you’ to go into debt and borrow money for the fit out. It took courage to employ someone when you were not sure, and it takes courage to fire them when it isn’t working out. It takes courage to change product supplier or to put your prices up… It takes courage to keep going in the face of rejection and adversity. It takes courage to expand and grow and change, reinvent and evolve…

And so it is if you are a new stylist just on the floor in the salon, it takes courage to do your first haircut or colour, it takes courage to try to rebook or retail for the first time.

It takes courage to step outside your comfort zone and try anything new.

I looked in the dictionary for the definition of ‘courage’ and it says, “the ability to do something that frightens one; bravery.”

So where-ever you are on your journey in this industry recognise that being brave and moving forward and stepping outside of your comfort zone can be frightening at first. So be brave and have the courage to believe in your dreams whatever they are.

I have always admired what the Mascolo brothers achieved and I didn’t know Toni well. But I know one thing for sure, and that is that between them there was no shortage of courage in turning their dreams into reality.

And you have to believe that you can too.

2 responses to “Do you have courage?”

  1. This is brilliant! Thank you Antony once again for helping my business grow and continually evolve through your wisdom and inspirational insights into our ever changing industry. I truly believe that anyone who owns or works in a hairdressing salon should watch, listen and understand what it takes to be the best we can possibly be. Personally and professionally.. Your 2 minute video’s every week makes me understand how I need to inspire and encourage my team on how to be the very best. You are a lifeline to our industry.. Thank you!

    • Hey Clive, I can’t believe I missed this comment, I was in the states at the time and it slipped the net! Thanks for the great feedback I value your opinion and the example you set in the industry!

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