I’ve never heard a salon owner say that they don’t have enough competition or that there aren’t enough salons in their high street or mall, in fact, it’s usually quite the opposite.

The salon industry is hugely competitive and clients have a vast array of choices in every high street or mall. So if you want them to choose you, not once but consistently, you have to give 100% every time, every day with every client.

Why should they be?

In the UK, the most prestigious grocery chain is probably ‘Marks & Spencer’. Today I read a quote from a former chairman of Marks & Spencer who said, “Customers are not loyal nor should they be. We have to earn their loyalty every day”.

I think that’s a statement worthy of being printed out and put on the staff room wall, because in today’s world whether you are selling groceries or hairdressing products and services, the consumer is spoilt for choice, they don’t owe you their loyalty, “you have to earn their loyalty every day”.

I can’t remember where I heard it but someone once said, “We are not in the sales business, we are in the re-order business, we want to sell to them once but that’s pointless if they don’t come back to buy our products and services again and again.”

That sentiment certainly applies to success in the hair and beauty business.

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    Best insite yet. Thanks

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