I think that it’s important to look outside the hairdressing industry for inspiration, whether it’s for customer service ideas or marketing ideas, there are many things that work in some industries that could be transferrable to the hair and beauty business.

Off-peak pricing?

One idea that is common practice in the airline and hotel business is to offer ‘off peak pricing’ so that the prices charged are reflective of the demands for that time period.

Typically airlines and hotels hike the prices up during school holidays and at Christmas time in order to capitalise on the increased demand, and then reduce the price for off peak periods in order to attract people during the quiet times.

More and more I see salons adopting an off-peak pricing policy where they have a lower price point with some stylists on Monday Tuesday Wednesday and a higher price Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Could that work for you?

Well, it certainly works for some people, like everything, there are numerous variables that you would need to consider before deciding if it’s right for your business or not. But if it means that you spread out the peaks and troughs during the week, and perhaps make your services affordable to a wider percentage of your community, which should impact your bottom line positively then it is certainly worth looking at.

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