But is it easier for the client? 

I was sent an email recently from a company whose services I were using and part of the email said, “…To make the process easier we have made the following changes…” and went on to outline what the changes were.

I’m sure that the changes did make it easier for the company but they made things a lot harder for me ‘the client’.

I’m the first to say… 

that you have to make changes in your business all the time, you have to evolve what you do and how you do it, and when you do it.

You should always be looking for ways to use new technology, and to develop new systems to make things easier and more efficient for your business, but not at the expense of the client, because if you do – you will lose them!

This wasn’t a salon that I was dealing with, but it got me thinking about the things that salons might be doing that make things ‘easier for them’ but not necessarily for the client.

For example, recorded message that say “All our receptionists are busy at the moment but your call is important to us and we will be with you as soon as we can” and then leave me on hold waiting. That might be easier for them but it’s not for me!

You wouldn’t mind if it was just once, but some salons I call I get the same message every-time which just leaves me thinking, ‘If the call was that important to them, they would have enough receptionists to answer the phone’ 


another example is a salon I went into recently that asked the last clients of the day to pay as they were checking in for their service because it was easier for them to do the cashing up for the day.


another example is the salon that books all the colour clients back with an assistant for a dry off because “it’s easier than booking them into a stylist”

Sometimes what’s easier might not be best. Sometimes what’s best for the client is harder and a little inconvenient, but they are the client, so find a way to make it work and keep them happy as well as be good for your business.

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