My 16 year old daughter ‘Indigo’ is on school holidays, and this week she got her first job working as a shop assistant in a clothing store.

Over dinner that night she was excitedly telling us about her new job and she said “…and do you know dad, that they have a target for how much the store does every day and today we beat it by £250… Booyachicola!” … and she beamed with pride!  

For anyone who hasn’t figured it out, ‘Booyachicola’ is Indigo speak for expressing great happiness at a job well done!

She went on to tell me that each of the staff had a personal daily target and said, “And I beat mine on my first day.”  Which was followed by more Booyachicola!”

Productivity matters!

It got me thinking about how quickly she had understood that in business ‘productivity matters’, that goals are normal, and that it feels good to get them.

And yet there are many salon owners who have no business goals, many staff who have no idea what they do each day or week, and no idea whether what they do achieve is good or bad.

Results matter…

Every salon manager should have clear financial goals, they should know what the daily and weekly breakeven point is and whether or not they achieve it.

Every staff member should understand what the ‘key performance indicators’ are that their results will be measured against and be aware of how they are performing against expectations.

And finally everyone should do a little dance and say ‘Booyachicola’ or something to that effect even if it is under their breath because it’s important to celebrate your successes!

Thank you for watching…

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Have a great week!   

2 responses to “Booyachicola!”

  1. Antony,
    This spoke to me so dearly, the timing could not have been better. This, my 30th year owning salons, has been my most challenging (for multiple reasons) and in order to continue growth, has required the most flexibility-in-thinking (or re-thinking) of my history. I rarely (until recently) have spoken or coached to goals or benchmarks, rather I was more focused on behaviors. I recently learned how powerful and impactful the actual dollars and numbers can be when “owned” by service providers and Leadership.
    Thanks for the validation, know that your video will be shown and you are appreciated.

  2. Hi Tim,
    Great to hear from you! There can’t be too many Timothy Belchers in the industry so I am assuming I met you in Miami a few years back, the day is etched in my mind as it was the day Vidal passed away and news spread during the class.
    Thank you for the comment above and sharing your thoughts.
    I have been talking a lot lately how ‘Tools’ drive actions and behaviours, and ‘actions and behaviours’ drive result’ … so the question is what are the ‘Tools’ that a manager needs to drive those ‘actions and behaviours’… one of those tools is setting goals and benchmarks… Thanks for sharing the video around. Keep well.

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