Like you, I’m getting older! I’m on the other side of 50… In fact if I’m completely honest I’m quite a bit the other side of 50!

But, there are plenty of upsides to getting older. One upside is that, ‘the older you get, the more stuff you should know that’s worth knowing!’ 

But unfortunately it isn’t always the case ‘that just because you’re older, that you’re smarter’, because some people get ‘stuck’ at a certain point in their lives and what might have been right say 10 years ago is no longer right today.

Is it acceptable or good enough today?

One area that I find a lot of salon owners and stylists get stuck in is the answer to this question, “What are accepted and realistic levels of productivity for a stylist?.’”

For example let’s imagine that 10 years ago that if a stylist generated £1000 or $1,500 a week in total services that it was considered ‘acceptable or good’.

Well 10 years ago that might have been acceptable, but that doesn’t mean it is ‘acceptable or good enough’ today.

Everything goes up!

What it costs to run a business today is more than what it cost to run the same business 10 years ago!

The products you use cost you more, your electric bills cost you more, your rent costs you more, your employee’s cost you more. In fact it will be hard to find things that don’t cost you more today than they did 10 years ago.

So obviously what was acceptable productivity levels from a stylist 10 years ago is not the same as what it should be today!

It creeps up on you!

Slowly but surely the costs incurred in running your business creep upward, and in many cases you try and absorb those costs. Perhaps you try and run a leaner and more efficient business, that’s a good approach to being in business at any time.

But there comes a point where you can’t get any ‘leaner’, and you can’t get any ‘more efficient’ and you simply can’t ‘absorb the costs’ anymore, so ultimately you have to produce more revenue with the same amount of people.

Sometimes that means a price rise for your services and prices should increase regularly at least in line with inflation.

Other times it’s not a case of a price rise but a case of re-assessing the results, the productivity performance levels of your people’ and asking yourself and ‘them’ ‘is it good enough’?

Are they growing, are they retaining clients, are they getting referrals, is their average bill growing, are their retail levels at an acceptable level, is their percentage of clients that are having colour and treatments at an acceptable level?

Sometimes the answer will be a resounding ‘yes’ so congratulations to you and to them! Other times it will be a resounding ‘no!’ They’re stuck at a level that might have been good enough 5 or 10 years ago but it just isn’t good enough today.

So what are you and what are they going to do about it?

As I often say, “Dealing with these issues isn’t the fun, sexy or creative side of running a business.” But no one said that running a business was going to be fun, sexy, or necessarily creative. But when you get it right, I promise you it’s a beautiful thing!

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7 responses to “Are you stuck?”

  1. Edita Robertson says:

    God Bless you for helping hairdressers to be on top of the bussiness on a daily basis. Love watching the 2 minutes video!!!

  2. Barbara Toberman says:

    Hope you are doing well! Thanks so much for your commitment to our industry and helping stylists and salons be great.

  3. Alison says:

    Love these videos
    Thank you 😊

  4. Catherine Harris says:

    Love this and God knows sometimes we don’t want to hear this but the truth is in the numbers…thanks for sharing this and making us realize where we need to be!

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