Are you an obsessive?

I love it when you meet someone who has an obsession, someone who is driven and passionate about their product or service.

Recently I was working in Sophia the capital city of Bulgaria and my friends took me to a great coffee shop near their salon. It wasn’t part of a chain, it was a small owner operated coffee shop but the reverence with which they treated coffee was an obsession.

The alchemist 

As a first time client this wasn’t a place that you walked into and just ordered a cappuccino, or whatever your thing is, without first being educated.

My friends were regulars so they knew what they wanted, but as it was my first visit the barista came to our table and essentially gave me a consultation.

Then he went to the expresso machine and with a sense of theatre and expertise and a passion for coffee, he made me what was the perfect flat white. One of the best cups of coffee I had ever had!

The barista was like the alchemist, the pride he took in making the coffee and in answering my questions was amazing to experience and a real joy to behold.

I drank my coffee and I immediately ordered another, and then went back there again later in the day for another coffee and to get some freshly ground beans to take home with me.   

It’s the difference that makes the difference 

I know some hairdressers that are like that, complete obsessives, they are so into it that their eyes light up when they talk about a haircut or technique. Of course they are great hairdressers, just like the barista was a great barista, a true artisan.

Being passionate about what you do is success in itself. So many people hate their jobs and just go through the motions, but if you really care, if you really love what you do then you will approach it with a level of care and enthusiasm and knowledge that will keep clients coming back for more.

I’m going back for more…

I’m back in Sophia again later in the year and I’m already looking forward to visiting that coffee shop, I can literally taste the coffee, the texture the flavour…

Imagine if your clients were that enthusiastic about coming back to your salon? I am sure some of them are, but what can you do to generate in your team that level of pride and love for their craft and for the service with which they deliver it.

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