The secret to long term success is client retention!

Clients have a choice, they don’t have to come back to you! But you and I both know that long term success is dependent on client retention. Keeping them is the secret to long term salon and individual success!

So here’s my top 7 steps to ensure you keep them as long as possible!

1. A great haircut colour is an expectation every time!

To me it’s an assumption, an expectation, that when a client comes in they expect a great haircut and colour every time. If you can’t deliver that, it’s game over before you have even started!

Keeping abreast of changing techniques and trends is your responsibility and if you don’t you won’t keep them, clients will go elsewhere to get the change they want.

2. Don’t confuse friendliness with service

There is a tendency to think of your clients as your friends, and whilst you will be friendly to them and they will be friendly to you, ultimately when they come in that door it’s a professional relationship, they are a client first and foremost and if you forget that and start treating them too casually you’ll lose them for sure.

3. Give them an amazing experience every time

Your job is not just to give them a great haircut and colour, your job is to give them a great experience every time! Often clients value the experience, ‘how you make them feel’ as much as the haircut and colour!

4. Damage control when necessary

You’re not perfect, it’s inevitable that there will be times when the client isn’t as happy with the end result an they should be, whether it’s too short or too red… or whatever the problem is, when there is a problem, do whatever it takes to fix it before that client has left the salon. Because once they leave the salon an unhappy client can do immeasurable damage to your reputation.

5. Express gratitude

They could go elsewhere, never forget that, and often it’s just a simple expression of gratitude, saying something like, “thanks for coming in, I really appreciate it” A small gesture like that can be all it takes to keep that client appreciated and coming back to you.

6. Punctuality

Everyone’s busy, everyone has appointments to keep, meetings to get to, kids to pick up or drop off, so running on time is essential, because if you keep people waiting you will lose them, it’s just a matter of how long they put up with it.

7. Constant and never ending improvement

What was exceptional service a decade ago is the norm now. To keep clients you have to have a culture of constant and never ending improvement!

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Have a great week! 

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  1. Kela Browning says:

    Thank you! You are so right that we should not take our clients kindness for granted.

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