What’s the ‘culture’ like in your salon? I suppose the obvious question to ask is, “What do I mean by ‘culture’?”

I usually answer by saying something like, “The culture in your salon is the result of the accepted standards, the behaviors, the values, and the habits that exist within your team.”

Every business automatically has a culture, but as the owner, if it’s not a culture that you have consciously defined – it will just happen on its own. And if that’s the case, then it probably won’t be what is best for the business, it will just be what is easiest for the people who work there.

So when it comes to ‘Culture’ define it, or it will define you.

So if you are an owner or manager, one of your many jobs is to define the culture you want and to nurture it, and protect it. Because your people will come and go, but your business needs to stand for something, that’s what the culture is. And you don’t want the culture to come and go with the people.

So, here is my top 5 list of actions you can do to develop ‘your salon culture’.

At number 1, it’s…

1. If you permit it, you promote it.

Accepted or tolerated behaviors determine the culture. It’s not just about’ what you do’, it’s also about ‘what you don’t do’ that determines the culture in the salon.

You have to be prepared to stand up and defend what is important to you and your team, if you don’t, you’re permitting it, and by permitting it, you’re promoting it. 

At number 2 it’s,   

2. Define and communicate your core values

Values are ‘what’s important to you’. So, ‘what is important to you?’

If you are on a team where everyone shares the same values it becomes a reference for decision making and leaves everyone on the team with no doubt about what is expected of them.

But, you first have to define exactly what your values are and then communicate them to your team. 

So, what are your values, what is important to you?

At number 3 it’s…

3. Get rid of the ‘staff room terrorists’!

If you have people on your team who constantly undermine you, then you have an obligation to act and ‘get rid of them’. Because as hard as you are trying to build and nurture the salon culture, the ‘staff room terrorist’ is destroying it!

So if you can’t change them, it’s time to get rid of them.

At number 4 it’s…

4. You are a teacher…

Almost everyone wants and needs the opportunity to grow and move forward in their career.

You need to offer training and development opportunities to show that you are committed to their education and advancement.

Remember as your team grows in ability, so will the business grow.

And finally, my 5th step to defining your salon culture is understanding that

5. It’s more than just a job

Building a great salon culture is about creating more than just a job for the people that are on your team.

People also want connection, they want to feel important and, they want security, and the need to grow and contribute.

Your business is a place where people have the opportunity to become who they could be.

So, in order for them to realise their full potential as people, it needs to be more than ‘just a job’!

So, look back over my 5 points and ask yourself, “what are 3 practical steps you can do today to build a better culture in your business?”

Thank you for watching…

I hope you got something out of today.

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