I first started the Two Minute Salon Manger in 2009 a little over 10 years ago. For the first two years, it was just a written blog and in 2011 we started recording them for video. Over the years we have now done over 500 videos and although they have continued to evolve and hopefully gotten better, we are going to be changing it up a gear.

As of 2020, The Two Minute Salon Manager videos will no longer be a weekly event. Over 400 of the videos will continue to live on in our YouTube channel and on our website as a resource and we will continue to add to them once a month.

But they won’t always feature me! Instead, what we will be doing is a monthly ‘Two Minute Salon Manager’ takeover featuring different salon owners and managers from around the world and their message.

As well as that, what we’re going to focus on a weekly basis is the Podcast that we started at the beginning of 2019 and so far we have over 20 episodes featuring some of the brightest minds in the industry talking about what it takes to succeed in the salon business today.

The Podcast will now become our weekly freebie that we will send out, along with the two-minute salon manager takeover once a month and some Facebook lives… and what’s best about all that is that they’re all free! So, what’s not to like!

So, we want to thank you for subscribing to what we do, and for all the supportive messages that we have had over the years. We are glad that you find value in them and it’s rewarding to know that they make a difference.

So, this is our last broadcast for the year, but we will pick up in January.

So, from me and my family to you and yours, wishing you and safe and happy Christmas and let's go big in 2020!

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  1. María says:

    Quiero todo en español

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