Walt Disney once famously said…

You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it takes people to make the dream a reality”.

As someone who has employed dozens of people over the years, I was always aware when I had a team of people that really clicked, both as individuals and as a team.

It takes a lot of time, effort and money to recruit, train and keep good people but when all is said and done that’s what our business is all about, ‘people’, and having a team of great people is key if you are to succeed.

So here is my list of ‘10 things great teams do’.

1. They understand they are part of a team…

Great team members understand they are part of something bigger than them alone, they know that everyone has an integral role to play in making each other and the team succeed.

2. Think like an owner…

Great team members think like an owner. They don’t waste time, or money, or product or any other salon resources and they take into consideration what is best for the long term future of the salon when making decisions.

3. Grow themselves and others…

They are always looking for opportunities to grow and improve, not just for themselves but for those around them.

Their example and passionate commitment to continually grow also inspires others on the team to do the same.

4. Hold themselves to a higher standard…

Great team recognise that they are responsible for the standards they set for themselves.

They are always striving to raise their own standards and improve their own performance.

5. Resolve issues before they are issues…

They proactively and calmly deal with challenges as they happen and seek to resolve problems professionally and with a positive outcome for everyone concerned.

6. Open and honest…

Great team members understand that awkward situations still need to be dealt with. So, they find kind and caring ways to discuss uncomfortable situations with others, for the benefit of all concerned.

7. Spread happiness…

They look on the bright side of life, always looking for the upside in any situation, but at the same time keeping it real.

They understand the everyday challenges and dynamics of people, salon stress, and the blend of work life and friendship.

They radiate positive energy even in stressful times and share it around the rest of the team. 

8. Avoid drama…

Great teams don’t buy into the drama that some people are prone to.

They keep a proper perspective on problems and focus on finding a solution not creating unnecessary drama and in so doing diffuse situations before they get out of control.

9. Commercial reality

They have a commercial reality about their approach to productivity and demonstrate a balanced approach to ensure that every client is given 100% of their professional advice and recommendations without ever feeling oversold.

10. Step out of their comfort zone

Great team members continually strive to experience new challenges and aren’t afraid to feel awkward or uncomfortable if they don’t always achieve the ideal result.

Great teams recognise that the key to growth is trying new ways of thinking and acting and stepping out of their comfort zone and being exposed to new experiences is all part of their continual evolvement as a salon professional.

So as a next step, why don’t you either use my 10 points or get your team to come up with their own list of 10 points and then ask yourselves as individuals and as a team, “How can we do it even better?”

Thank you for watching…

Have a great week

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