When people know that I am in the hairdressing industry they often have a hairdressing story for me, I’m sure it’s the same for you. I don’t mind because it’s great to understand the salon experience from the clients perspective.

Recently I was talking with a woman who had just visited a salon for a blow dry the day before.

She asked me, “Why do most stylists automatically just put product onto the clients hair without asking first?” Let me explain.

She said that the stylist was great! Very polite, charming and gave her a good blow dry, but she said the problem is that, “My hair feels like straw because of the product that she put in it, and if only they would ask first I would tell them what sort of thing works best in my hair”

“I really know my hair…”

She said that, “Hairdressers always do that, they never ask if I would like product in my hair or if I have a favourite styling product or what do I find works best?” She said “I know my hair, I know what works, and what doesn’t work and I wish they would just ask first”

When I asked her what the product was she didn’t know because they didn’t tell her or show her she just put the product in her hair while having a conversation about something else.

She has a point, most women ‘really do’ know their hair, they have probably tried numerous styling products and they probably do know what sort of product works best.

Step 1: Ask first!

So if the stylist had said to her something like, “So what type of styling products do you usually find work best in your hair?” Or “What do you normally put in your hair when you blow dry it?” She would have would have answered, “I find that either a very light leave in conditioner or a blow dry oil works best, I know it needs something but I like it to feel as natural as possible”

Now depending on the range of products you use, you now know what to use on her hair rather than automatically assuming that you know better.

If on the other hand you have something else that is neither an ‘oil’ or a ‘leave in conditioner’ that you feel would be better you at least have a starting point for a conversation.

Step 2: Educate

The best word when talking about product with clients is ‘Because…’

Because your hair is dry I would recommend…

Because you want volume I would suggest we use…

Because you want shine I think you should try…

Because your hair is naturally curly I think that the best solution would be…

Then show them what it is, tell them what it’s called, teach them how to use it and finally…

Step 3: Offer it

The last step after their hair is done is simply offer them the opportunity to purchase it. “Would you like any of the ABC oil I used on your hair today?”

They won’t all say yes for a whole variety of reasons, but at least you have done your job to that point.

Now, “Because you… “

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  1. Kim Sousa says:

    I thoroughly enjoy your expert advice. I love receiving these emails to help me “check-in” on how I am doing. Thank you! Kim Sousa

  2. Georgia says:

    Antony you’re amazing ??????

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