Why are the videos stuttering?


Is the ‘GROW’ seminar suitable for my assistants and receptionist?

What is the content covered in the ‘GROW’ seminar?

What is the difference between ‘GROW’ and the ‘Empowered salon’ seminars?

How do I book the GROW or ‘Empowered salon’ seminars?

Are the seminars interactive?

If I do the ‘Management seminar’ do I have to follow it up with ‘Business School?’

Why is the ‘Management day’ at a much lower price per day than the ‘Business School Program?’

Is the ‘Management’ day just a sales pitch for ‘Business School’?

Do I have to do all the 3 days of ‘Business School’?

I have just opened a salon is the ‘Management seminar and Business School program’ going to be above my head?

Can I do ‘Business School’ if I haven’t done the ‘Management’ day?

Can I bring my partner to ‘Business school?

I am a salon owner, can I send my manager instead of me?

I haven’t opened a salon yet but that is my ambition, should I attend business school first?