– Case study

David Miller

“Although my wife is a hairdresser, my background isn't hairdressing, so the main reason I wanted to do the management course was to understand what being a manager within the salon industry is and to ensure that we had the correct systems and processes in place so that the business was profitable. 

Because I now have the overall responsibility for managing the two salons, we've recently got two of our leaders on the management course and they're both benefiting from it by learning how to think like a manager, and that is really helping them to grow as leaders which was always the plan as it will enable us to focus on further developing the business. 

Having done the management course myself, and implemented the majority of its direction into the salon, I'm now in the process of training my managers because they're at the forefront of the day to day running of the salon, and if they don't have the training they can't do their jobs properly.

And if you're a salon owner that isn’t active behind the chair, you need a manager in place and they need to understand the inner workings of the business and the need for the business to run at a profit.

As a salon owner, every decision is a business decision and teaching that to a creative person is the hardest thing but by giving them the management course that allows them to understand it back to front. 

Another very good aspect of the course is the fact that it's video-based and visual because a percentage of my team are dyslexic or dyspraxic in some form, which is quite common in the industry.

Was the course value for money? 100%”


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