Exceptional Customer Service

The successful salons of today and tomorrow understand that being good at ‘doing hair’ is just the beginning.

To really succeed you need to deliver an amazing client experience on every level.

As the owner of a salon you need to have a service vision for your business and the way that it will operate. Turning that service vision into reality is something you can’t do alone! You need a team of people, systems and a defined culture that reflects the values and service standards that you have.

Constant improvement in building a better salon business can only be achieved by empowering your team and helping them take ownership of their jobs so that they take personal interest in improving the performance of the salon and the level of service that every client gets.

The ‘Exceptional Customer Service’ seminar is about developing the service vision and the systems that will support it in order to energise the individuals on your team to be at their best and to reach their full potential in the process.

Who should attend?

The ‘Exceptional Customer Service’ seminar is aimed at everyone in the hair and beauty industry from assistants and trainees right through to senior stylists, managers, beauty therapists and receptionists.

Key points covered during the day:

The ‘Exceptional Customer Service’ Seminar

1. What are you really selling?

Understanding what you are really selling is essential so that every client has an ‘in-salon’ experience that reflects the brand values and service standards of the salon. Obviously you are selling haircuts and colours and an array of home haircare products, but at a deeper level you are selling relationships and an experience. Understanding that is the key to your success.

2. Defining and delivering the client experience

When a client visits your salon they have an ‘experience’ from the minute they arrive until they walk out the door. Leaving that experience to ‘chance’ where it is determined by the staff they happen to come into contact with on the day leads to inconsistent standards and lack of a ‘Brand Experience’. Successful salons define, systemise and train their team to deliver a consistent in-salon client experience no matter when the client comes in, or who the client comes into contact with.

3. Building relationships

You are selling your products and services, you are selling an experience and you are selling ‘relationships’ at both an individual and brand level. Understanding how to nurture and develop professional relationships is an essential part of The ‘Exceptional Customer Service’ Seminar.

4. Owning your attitude

The single most important character trait with your team members is their ‘attitude’. You can teach skill, you can nurture and develop creativity, but only if individuals have the right attitude.

Everyone on the team needs to understand that they ‘own their attitude’ and that they have the responsibility for their communication and relationship skills needed to ensure they reach their full potential.

5. Developing brand you

When a client walks through the front door of the salon they meet the individuals who work there, unfortunately what often happens is that the brand perception created through advertising, salon design, location and marketing etc are a complete mismatch with the reality of the individual standing in front of them. Developing ‘brand you’ is about aligning the ‘professional you’ with the values and standards of the salon, and the expectations of the client.

Seminar times

The ‘Exceptional Customer Service’ Seminar is a full day seminar, 9am registration, 9.30am start, 5pm finish.

The outcome you should expect

The outcome you should expect is both an increase in self-motivation from your team members and a greater awareness of how they are responsible for delivering the ultimate in-salon experience to every client.

This should reflect in an immediate increase in the levels of motivation, teamwork and customer service all of which will contribute to a healthier bottom-line for the business.

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