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4 Essential Lessons in Salon Management

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What the biggest roadblocks are that get in the way of you becoming a better leader and manager and more importantly how to blast through them!


What are the most empowering questions that you need to focus on as an owner or manager when things are in a slump?


How and why you need to create a ‘salon management eco system' where all the pieces of the puzzle are working together to build a thriving and sustainable salon business.


Why employing a manager to sort out your problems can sometimes be a mistake and what you need to do instead.


What the sweet spot is that the most effective managers find and how you too can find it…


Why many salon owners leave out the most important steps when creating a vision for their business and what the 4 main components of creating an empowering business vision are.

A note from Antony

Congratulations you're a business owner! Never forget that’s a huge step in itself, and a step that many people never have the courage to take. 

But as we both know, starting a business is one thing, building a business, creating a brand and managing a team is another thing again.  

Like it or not your business is a reflection of you, and if you don’t grow your business never will.  And yet few business owners commit to ongoing personal and professional business development.

Their indifference is your advantage. Because if you’re willing to spend 60 minutes to discover the ‘4 Essential Lessons In Salon Management’ then you are putting you and your business at a competitive advantage. And in business today you need every advantage you can get. 

Following this ‘Masterclass’ you’ll know exactly what the next steps are that you need to put in place in order to take your business the next level! 

The only question is, “are you ready for it?” 

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