Business School Seminar

To succeed in business requires a balance of many skills. Business school gives you the education that you need if you want to succeed in building a successful salon business with all the challenges that that entails.

First, you must recognise that the skills that made you a successful hairdresser, have little or nothing to do with the skills required to build and manage a business.

The day you opened the business your job description changed dramatically to include responsibility for marketing, training, financial control, stock control, budgeting, recruitment, motivating and leading a team, and that’s just the start.

Your success now is not dependant on doing all the work, but rather how well you can get other people to do the work, that’s what you do, you grow people into a team that represents your brand! That can be exciting and rewarding, but it can also be challenging and frustrating. Business School is about understanding and refining that process by developing your skills as a leader and manager.

I assume that you want;

  • More clients
  • A happier more loyal team
  • A better profit margin
  • To work less hours and have more holiday
  • To be more focused and organised
  • To have less stress, more growth and general success?

If so, the real question becomes… “Are you prepared to do the work to make that happen?” Or, are you expecting someone else to do that for you?  You opened it! It’s your business. It was your dream, probably you have taken huge risks and made big sacrifices to get to where you are today. It’s up to you!

So will you run your business, or will it run you?

That’s where ‘Business School’ comes in, it is a three-day event for salon owners and managers held in a variety of amazing cities around the world.


The purpose of ‘Business School’ is to immerse salon owners and managers into the management, financial, marketing and people skills that are needed to succeed in business today.


Business school is a series of intensive presentations and workshops spread over three consecutive days presented by Antony Whitaker. The three-day ‘Business School boot-camp‘ is a follow-on from the one day ‘Management‘ seminar for those that wish to take their business to the next level.


Starting with the “Management seminar” is the first step in the program that then gives the salon owners and managers the opportunity to assess if the rest of the program, which will typically follow on a month after is for them.

Business School is not for the faint-hearted, it’s hard work! This is not a short cut or magic wand solution to you succeeding in business, such a short cut doesn’t exist, but with the right education and the right strategy and resources combined with your hard work, you will succeed!

Seminars included in 3-day Business school program:

  • Money
  • Marketing
  • Team-Building

Who should attend:

  • Salon owners and managers

The outcome you should expect

  • Business school is a fully comprehensive business building program designed to help you to be more effective in every area of salon management.
At the end of the program you should have absolute clarity of the skills required to develop a successful salon business and the steps to take to develop that business which will ensure that you not only survive but flourish as you build the business of your dreams.
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