The GROW series of books reflect the fact that for many hairdressers when they first open a salon although they might be excellent hairdressers they are unprepared for the skills needed to run a hairdressing business.


These books are an immersion into the business side of the Hair and beauty industry and help to provide you with the business and personal skills needed to survive and flourish. 


Although they are undeniably a series of business books they are written with the creative in mind, in plain English, jargon free, beautifully designed with great graphics and visual cues to help the message stick.

FREE 1st Chapter GROW 1 Super Stylist

‘Super Stylist’ is aimed at everyone in the hair and beauty business whether an assistant, receptionist, stylist or owner/manager there is something in this book for everyone. The key message is simply about taking ownership of your own productivity and then providing the information and tools to make that happen. 

FREE 1st Chapter GROW 2 Management

‘Management’ is for the Owner/Manager and is about the manager understanding that their business is a reflection of them and in order for the business to GROW it starts with the salon management getting clarity and getting organised.

FREE 1st Chapter GROW 3 Team

‘Team’ is for the Owner/Manager and is about understanding that you can’t do it alone and in order to succeed you need to build a team of people that share your values and buy into the vision for the business, only when you have that can you truly succeed.

FREE 1st Chapter GROW 4 Marketing

‘Marketing’ is about understanding that as an Owner/Manager ultimately your job is about developing a brand and the processes and systems needed to attract more clients, turn them into regulars and keep them as long as possible. This book gives you the tools and understanding needed to do that.

Grow My Salon Business